The #1 Damper Gel for Drums



2 x SlapKlatz medium (3cm)

2 x SlapKlatz large (4cm)


Clean with soap and water (air dry only)

Non-toxic (but it ain't no candy)


What is SlapKlatz?

Have you ever wanted a fast, precise and easy way to dampen your drums and make them sound better? Look no further – SlapKlatz is here.


SlapKlatz damper pads are made from a special formulated gel, that was specifically developed for use on drums and drumheads.

With these cool round shaped damper gels, you get a super easy-to-use drum damper system, which enables you to remove unwanted overtones from your drumheads, without sacrificing the sound and tone of your drum.

These drum damper pads are even sticky enough, to be used on your bottom heads or on the underside of your cymbals.

The stickiest gels combined with the best assortment of sizes, makes SlapKlatz superior in this category of drum tools. Developed by drummers, for drummers.





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