A great all-round head for any genre from light jazz through to rock. DNA coated heads can be used on toms or snare. The construction is 10mils single ply with a textured coating. The coating helps reduce overtones and gives a warm, big, fat sound. Strong attack and medium decay.


  • Light to heavy use
  • Old school ‘warm’ sound with strong attack and medium sustain
  • Quality aluminium rim with steel core
  • 10 mils coated PET head
  • Single ply
  • Suitable for snare drums, toms and tom conversion bass drums

New stock is being supplied to us in Code branded boxes. Boxed heads will be sent without branded packaging to help us to keep shipping costs down. If you require the boxes, please let us know in advance of ordering, and we can create an invoice to account for the increased shipping costs.


Code DNA涂层单层汤姆头

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